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K Span

K-SPAN Division

M.I.C.’s Ultimate Building Machine® (UBM®) provides you the capability to build buildings quickly and efficiently. Complementing the UBM is a variety of ancillary products that make construction easy. The mobile insulation equipment, multi-coil feeder and construction support vehicle work in conjunction with the UBM to support your construction needs and to enhance your on-site capabilities.

Designed to build functional structures, the UBM meets a full range of needs at any remote site. Structures built with UBM are rust-free, watertight and fireproof and can last a lifetime. The UBM constructs strong, durable buildings in a large range of sizes and even expands existing structures. The M.I.C.- Cosmic software allows you to implement any of the pre-existing designs or create a new design to immediately construct any buildings for virtually any use, including but not limited to: Agricultural, Industrial, Commercial/Retail, Public Works, Institutional, Military, Humanitarian Aid, Residential, Storage, Parking, Recreational.

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LGS Division

Light Gauge Steel building is a viable alternative to conventional building materials used in residential, light commercial and mid-rise construction, helping to preserve natural resources. Light gage steel sections are increasingly being used as primary structural members, such as beams, floor joists, and columns, or as load-bearing walls or partitions in commercial and residential construction. However, light gauge steel can be used much more efficiently if it is done in a panelized environment using intelligent roll-forming machines with advanced technology and sophisticated design and factory software packages.

Steel-framed structures (such as labor accommodations and villas) are built using light gauge steel shapes. The walls and floors consist of shapes arranged at a spacing of typically 400 or 600 mm on centre, to which structural cladding (such as pre-painted steel sheets, plywood, cement board, gypsum board, or the like) is attached with screws. The light gauge structure and the face materials (pre-painted steel sheets, plywood, cement board, gypsum board, etc.) demonstrate its structural strength and fire resistance. Shielding by gypsum board or cement board and the like ensures a fire rating up to 2 hours without fire protection of the steel members themselves.

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LGS Structures