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United Arab Emirates
P.O Box: 30453, Dubai
2604, Aspect Tower (Tower-D)
Business Bay
Tel: +971-4-4315744, Fax: +971-4-4315751

Kabul, Afghanistan
Mr. Rathisan Nair
Tel: +93 799 207020, +93 788 589502

South Sudan
Juba, South Sudan
Mr. John Dhiev
Tel: +211 955 159585


ADITYA INTERNATIONAL is an emerging supplier and solution provider to the oil & gas industry. Established in the year 2002,Aditya has progressed to the oil and gas industry with a dedicated team of professionals whose expertise in the industry is second to none.

Located both in Jebel Ali Free Zone and in Dubai the company has the capability to provide services in region / West Africa and CIS

ADITYA INTERNATIONAL offers a comprehensive range of quality driven products & world class services to meet the challenging drilling needs. The company is in the threshold of building a strong work force to understand the changing environment and provide solutions to meet the customer's requirements. Our goal is to provide value to each and every activity we are involved in.


  • Procurement Solutions
  • Tubular Solutions
  • Handling Tools / Equipments
  • Fishing Tools / Equipments
  • Manufacture & Repair solutions

ADITYA INTERNATIONAL offers their customers strategic procurement solutions with impeccable deliveries.

ADITYA INTERNATIONAL is connected globally with major mills, manufacturing units, OEM's and hence the team can consistently provide competitive pricing with no compromise on quality.

ADITYA INTERNATIONAL has adopted strict procurement policies that enables them to filter their supply source with a series of processes that include prequalification, auditing , testing and finally ensuring the products or services meet the industry standards and fits the customers requirement. The major solutions provided under procurement are:

  • Oilfield Equipment Sales.
  • Drill Pipes
  • Heavy Weight Drill Pipe
  • Drill Collars
  • OCTG's
  • Stabilizers
  • Roller Reamers
  • Casing & Cementing Accessories.
  • Well Heads.
  • Pressure control Equipments.

Logistics Support:

  • Logistics & compliance consulting
  • Cargo management
  • Arranging Ocean & Air freight imports & exports
  • Arranging Land transport/inland freight

Tubular Solutions

ADITYA INTERNATIONAL stocks an extensive range of Tubular goods, Drilling tools & Bottom Hole Components capable of satisfying all size, design and metallurgical requirements as per the industry standards.

ADITYA INTERNATIONAL's inventory is based upon the needs of our clients. So based on the client requirement, we update our stocks and just in time delivery needs. All our equipments are maintained by experienced personnel in accordance with ADITYA INTERNATIONAL's Quality Management System assuring that the inspection and testing processes complies with international industry standards and customer requirements including API, T.H. Hill DS1 & NS2 specifications.

By involving ADITYA INTERNATIONAL's expert team in your initial drilling plan helps you to optimize the utilization of tools by providing analytical solutions gained through experience in the industry which are relevant to effectively reduce cost and time.

ADITYA INTERNATIONAL offers their customers with Tool packages from Top Hole to Bottom Hole section with the right choice of tools and with alternatives that best suit your drilling operation.

Tubular & Drilling Tools:

  • 3.1/8" to 11" Drill collars
  • Standard and Spiral Heavy Weight Drill Pipe
  • 2.3/8" to 6.5/8"OD Drill Pipe
  • High Torque Drill Pipe, HWDP & Drill collars
  • Special Sour service grades such as G-105 ,XD-105, TSS-105 & C110
  • High Torque connections such as GPDS, XT& DSTJ

BHA Components:

  • Standard & Sealed Bearing Roller Reamers
  • Integral Blade & Welded Blade Stabilizers
  • Hole Openers
  • Hydraulic & Mechanical Under Reamers
  • Multi Ported Circulating Tools
  • Hydraulic Adjustable Stabilizers
  • Drilling Jars, Accelerators and Shock Tools
  • Cross Over, Lift Subs, Pup Joints, Circulating Subs etc
  • Non-magnetic BHA Components ( NMDC's ,NM Stabilizers ,Short Collars ,Flex Collars, UBHO Subs etc)

Fishing Solution

ADITYA INTERNATIONAL offer a wide range of conventional fishing, casing and junk milling, plug and abandonment, well bore cleanout, side tracking/casing exit, under reaming, and thru-tubing fishing and milling tools applicable for both open and closed hole environments.

Our Fishing experts are highly qualified to carry out challenging operations in,

  • Open Hole Fishing
  • Cased Hole Fishing
  • Side Tracking Whip stocks
  • Milling Solutions.

Handling Tool solutions.

ADITYA INTERNATIONAL provides tailored solutions for handling various sizes of Casings & Tubing's with special grades and Premium connections.

  • OCTG Thread joint torque monitoring computer system.
  • Drill pipe power tongs & Spinner tools.
  • Elevators, Rotary Slip, Safety Clamp, Tongs, Pipe Spinner, Stabbing Guides.

Manufacture & Repair solutions.

ADITYA INTERNATIONAL offer specialized manufacturing and repair solutions for all kind of API (spec 7 Q1 & 5CT) & major Premium connections. At ADITYA INTERNATIONAL we govern and monitor our works based on industry's best standard.

  • Repair of Drill Pipe, Collars, and Cross Over's
  • BHA Components- Stabilizers, Hole Openers, etc
  • Manufacture & Repair of Fishing & Milling Tools.

QHSE Principle

At ADITYA INTERNATIONAL we are committed to providing products & solutions in a safe and responsible manner. Health Safety & Environmental policies are viewed and respected in our entire business activities. Our objective is to achieve efficiency through continuous improvement.

We are well aware our prosperity is dependent on our ability to provide products and services that comply with all contractual conditions, specific requirements and customers need and this is always our major goal.